Importance of GATE Exam to Young Engineers

We often hear this question from young engineering students and engineers these days. Mostly candidates are showing interest in non-engineering career fields like the banking sector, civil services, and other SSC Exams. Even hopefuls who are interested in going in engineering related routes is diverting their interests and taking other options. Declining quality of education delivery in engineering colleges is the main reason for this. Another important reason is candidates feeling that clearing non-technical exams is more comfortable than dealing with the exams like GATE 2018. Because of this psychology of general public towards engineering education changed a lot and career option of engineering students also changed slowly.

The main motto of students after passing out from engineering college is earning money and being successful. So, the aspirants who are interested in pursuing higher studies in their engineering oriented subjects are putting their dream aside and working to clear non-technical government exams as they are easy to clear. One wrong step in career direction like this will kill the aspirant mentally and lead them to frustration and helplessness.

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Importance of GATE Exam

Our intention is not to criticize the aspirants how pursued engineering and opting non-technical career option with interest. We are focusing on the students who are interested in engineering-related fields and diverting their career path with wrong perceptions.

Candidates who are genuinely interested should first avoid their wrong perceptions towards the engineering career options. This is because negatives kill the person’s ability to move forward. Remember that you developed a skill of thinking logically and you have spent every minute in college reasonably from the past four years. After doing this think about the career option and choose the right way.

Here we mentioned few reasons for young engineers about the importance of GATE Examination.

  • In current situations country’s future economy is formed by the countries strong technical knowledge base. Role of technical knowledge will be a significant part of countries economy when compared with natural resources, the physical capital. Every field is interlinked with technology today.
  • Reports say that by 2020 India will have more graduates than that of USA. All we need is the efficient utilization of resources. According to our planning commission investment growth on infrastructure development and technology development is rising year by year. Within a short time, the rapid increase in infrastructural development leads to increase in job opportunities created by engineers. Well educated and trained engineers will grab good opportunities and candidates should be taught in a way to take up the challenges.

To grab the opportunities, engineers aspiring career in the engineering field should crack the GATE Exam first either to pursue higher studies in reputed colleges or to get a job in PSU’s using GATE score. Government PSU’s which recruit candidates through GATE score will offer a package of INR 6 to 10 lakhs per year, which is impossible for fresher in other organizations.

So, this is the right time for aspirants to start their preparation for GATE Exam 2018 as GATE is not just an exam but a symbol of excellence and competence. The Very soon private organization will also start recruiting young engineers through GATE Scores.

So, guys seriously, cracking this exam will transform hopeful’s life and shows an accessible path for them to build great future. GATE Exam also paves the way for UPSC Engineering services and even to different engineering related exams conducted in the year like ISRO, SSC JEs, etc.

So, friends, this is the time to take right decisions. Take a right decision and move accordingly.

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