Complete Guide to Prepare for GATE 2018 Exam

How do you prepare for GATE 2018 Exam: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an all India Entrance Examination conducted in India to test the understanding of candidates in various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and Technology. The exam was jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Science and Seven IITs rotationally. This year GATE organizing body is IIT Guwahati and on behalf of National Coordination Board-GATE and the Department of Higher Education, MHRD.

Here we are bringing expert guidance tips, preparation strategies, and guidelines for the candidates appearing for the exam. All the suggestions bought here are reviewed and written under expert guidance.

prepare for gate 2018 exam

Best Followed Strategy to Prepare for GATE 2018 Exam

  1. First candidates are advised to know the pattern and syllabus of the examination. After checking all these details prepare accordingly.
  2. Preparation time for GATE Exam is subjective, and this relays on many factors like individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level, etc. Preparation of 4-6 hours is essential for candidates aiming at IISC or IITs.
  3. Collect the test reference books for preparation. These reference books cover all the topics and syllabus, sample question papers and solved papers.
  4. List out the subjects and prioritize them after checking the previous papers based on the marks allotted to them.
  5. Create the timetable now by distributing subjects. This will help to avoid the mess at the last minute, and the candidate will know what needs to be prepared for the last time.
  6. Read all the topics and prepare short notes on all the important points. These short notes help you in your last minute revision.
  7. Solve as many problems as possible. While solving students must check both speed and accuracy as both ate importantly.
  8. Know everything about the topics you decided to study as it is highly impossible to cover every topic.
  9. If possible, join in good coaching institute or go under the supervision of experience teaching faculty. This helps you in your preparation.
  10. Try to finish the syllabus at least one month before and start revision of all the topics you prepared. Don’t strain yourself in last days. Relax and have a good time.

Top Tips for GATE 2018 Aspirants

  1. Appear as many mock tests as possible in the time you have. Analyze every mock test you appeared and learn from it.
  2. Focus on high return concepts: This means we suggest you focus on the topics which give you more marks easily. Check the previous papers and analyze them this makes you understand what topics to prepare for.
  3. Relax in the last days before the exam. Don’t strain much, as it creates a lot of problems to do best in the exam.

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